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Manage your business functions within a centralized and integrated system. ERP stores all entered data into a single database, allowing all departments to work with the same information. Organized, analyzed and made into reports. ERP brings together customer management, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, inventory, and supply chain capabilities into one system.

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ABC ERP has a built-in e-mail module, so you can send and receive e-mails directly to your system. This guarantees high security and ensures that all your e-mails are completely confidential.

E-mails can be easily related to Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Partners or Competitors as well as to various processes and sub-processes, so in a record’s preview, you are able to see all e-mails related to it. There is also a feature that allows you to switch mailboxes and it helps, for example, support staff to handle their own mailbox as well as a corporate support mailbox.

The system also offers a possibility to label emails with particular colors, so when a user looks at it, he knows at a glance whether it is a private or corporate e-mail, or whether he can take care of it later.



Hosted on our servers with DR site (two locations)

Support: On-demand support by reaching them by Live chat/Skype/Whatsapp

Training: Two rounds training on the application for two users, 1 hour each

System maintenance:- By default we check for any errors and bugs and we will fix directly.

Your package is upgraded on demand to benefit from new features.


You can upgrade easily to one of the following options:-

  • Add users (one or more), and when you add users you add emails for those users
  • Add business emails
  • Add Backup plans
  • Add apps (Accounting, etc.)



BUY the dedicated Support service

Our consultant is assigned for you, to provide assistance to help you configure your solution and advance your applications and process. These hours never expire allowing you to use them whenever you need help.

BUY the Advanced dedicated Support service

You will have a dedicated resource for your help based on number of hours you purchase. Where he/she will help you set up the business and continue to support your business for the end of the subscription.


You can reach our support team on

WhatsApp +962-79 670 6884


Live chat on the website